To try attempt 3
32GB 3600Mhz CL16
4 threads, 3200 RAM.
800GB Spare Sabrent Rocket (OS Drive) – 2 Simultaneous
2TB SN 550 – 3 Simultaneous (15 min stagger)
1TB SN750 – 3 Simultaneous (15 min stagger)
Circa Maybe 5 hours per plot, will expect some delay on transfer of the plots due to only having 4 drives and 6 plots completing but hopefully the stagger fixes that.

Just to confirm,

I’m getting 32-34 plots a day on this set up which I am happy with.

8 plotters, max of 6 in stage 1. Max of 2 per drive in stage 1, but as one leaves stage one, the early starters tend to enter stage 1 so works quite well.