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Hier ein Auszug der offiziellen Release Notes.

Neue Funktionen:

  • CAT wallet support – add wallets for your favorite CATs.
  • Offers – make, take, and share your offers.
  • Integrated lite wallet sync – to get you synced up faster while your full node syncs.
  • Wallet mode – Access just the wallet features to make and receive transactions.
  • Farmer mode – All your farming tools, and full node, while getting all the benefits of the upgraded wallet features.
  • New v2 DB – improved compression for smaller footprint (the v2 DB is created alongside the v1 DB. Please be sure to have enough disk space before executing the DB upgrade command).
  • Key derivation tool via CLI – lets you derive wallet addresses, child keys, and also search your keys for arbitrary wallet addresses/keys.
  • Lite wallet data migration – CAT wallets you set up and your offer history will be carried over.
  • The farmer will report version info in User-Agent field for pool protocol (Thanks @FazendaPool).
  • Added new RPC, get_version, to the daemon to return the version of Chia (Thanks @dkackman).
  • Added new config.yaml setting, reserved_cores, to specify how many cores Chia will not use when launching process pools. Using 0 will allow Chia to use all cores for process pools. Set the default to 0 to allow Chia to use all cores. This can result in faster syncing and better performance overall especially on lower-end CPUs like the Raspberry Pi4.
  • Added new RPC, get_logged_in_fingerprint, to the wallet to return the currently logged in fingerprint.
  • Added new CLI option, chia keys derive, to allow deriving any number of keys in various ways. This is particularly useful to do an exhaustive search for a given address using chia keys derive search.
  • Div soft fork block height set to 2,300,000.
  • Added the ability to add an optional fee for creating and changing plot NFTs.
  • Added multiprocessing_start_method: entry in config.yaml that allows setting the python start method for multiprocessing (default is spawn on Windows & MacOS, fork on Unix).
  • Added option to „Cancel transaction“ accepted offers that are stuck in „pending“.

Chia Blockchain (Client) 1.3.0 veröffentlicht
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