Hallo Zusammen,

Also das mit dem Douple_SPEND scheint nicht wichtig zu sein, ist wohl eher eine INFO statt eine WARNUNG und wir können auch nichts dagegen tun:

Das schreibt ein Entwickler dazu:

„MEMPOOL_NOT_INITIALIZED happens when you are just starting up your node. If you are still seeing this, restart the node.
I will explain why DOUBLE_SPEND is printed. Let’s say you have transactions A, B and C in the mempool. The mempool is where you keep transactions that people send, but have not been included in a block yet.
Let’s say you then get a new block, which includes transactions B and C. What do we do with the mempool? We create a new mempool, and try to add all transactions to it. When we add tx A, it validates with no problem. However when we try to add transactions B and C, they are no longer valid because they are trying to spend coins which have already been spent. Those transactions are conflicting with the same transactions that just got included. So that is how we clear the mempool from old transactions.
There are some differences with chia and other coins, because any 2 transactions can be combined. It’s possible that the block did not include B and C, but it included another transaction X, which is a combination of multiple transactions (BCD) for example. So in this case, transaction B was never included on chain, but a conflicting transaction was. So B is now considered a „double spend“ and is no longer valid. So this is how we filter out things from the mempool when we get a new block: we just try adding them all again one by one.
We can remove these warnings so there is less confusion